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Probably the hottest day in the world...ever, especially when you are doing a 25 minute march.  It doesn't sound very much, but it does lose you about three stone in sweat.  Yet again another good turnout by the band; we can boast 11 pipers and three drummers and I haven't counted Sam twice who played the base drum on the march and the pipes in the field display.  Thank you to you all for giving up your Saturday. 
Nicely organised event, the parade setting off at 11.30am  reaching the field just short of 12pm.  The weather being so good and so hot, the crowd at the event was probably the largest I have ever seen, and I hope that everyone made as much money as did the ice-cream seller.  It was great to see the memorial fly-past again;  one of the event organisers must be very well connected...
I was really pleased to see Geoff back on the base drum after quite a long absence - we missed you mate, welcome home (you may get the job again permanently).
A special mention goes to Colin, who has only been with us for a short time.  Colin, you made us all smile when you performed an almost perfect pirouette forming the circle.  For your first live performance with the band, you mastered the art of marching and playing at the same time, so I would  like to say exceptionally well done!