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East Bridgeford 2011

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This years event did not dissapoint. The band lead the parade starting on time followed by many of the local children in fancy dress with thier parents and friends. We played around the village proclaiming that the fate was starting. By the time we reached the field we had most of the village in tow.

The weather was great sunshine all day. The main arena was packed with entertainment throughout the day and we played mid afternoon to a most appreciative crowd.

Great day out for all of us

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  1. Sam Wynn

    The khaki shirts look great, and looks as if we had a good turnout. Rather disappointed to have missed it.

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  2. Tony

    well I did tell you to hit the thing ?? but a good day out and good to see the village in good spirits

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  3. Alex Smith

    After playing the bass drum for the first time yesterday, my arms are dropping off today.

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