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Wensleydale 2010

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A very good turn out from the band. Thank you all, that were able to attend to give us a good size band, to be again proud of. The weather held out for us really and another enjoyable engagement. It was very tiring with all that drinking and piping for some of us. though every one was playing just not all drinking eh! Stu. Thanks to Ruth for planning the train timetable. The piping was not bad, there were even moments of greatness.

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  1. Colin

    A great weekend !! A bit hard on the feet tho and just a tad cold on Saturday, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - but a shame we were billeted so far apart as some of us were unable to partake in the medicinals on Saturday night. My thanks go to Helen, who tirelessly carried several jackets ( including mine ) and acutrements all weekend, and to Jane, the P/M's long suffering wife who I nearly impaled with my pipes .... sorry : )

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